World that Heals

world 1

The Earth has healed itself millions of years ago to make this place habitable. It has had a complete makeover, with patience, and finally a paradise was born. Life as we perceive it has many dimensions. It’s a wonder to see different forms and kinds of life create an intricate ecosystem for a thriving society.

We are all interdependent, whether we realize this or not, from the simplest of organisms to the more complex ones are connected through an unseen bond. The whole fabric of this ecosystem went through many transformations and seen various life forms walk on this planet. Many life forms or species went completely extinct; the resilient but smaller ones were buried or preserved in a vegetative state.

This modern society carries the reflection of the various life forms from bygone eras. We cannot deny the fact that as we carry out expeditions and unravel the wonders of extinct species, we are also mesmerized when an ancient bacteria or plant, thought to have been extinct, grown again in the laboratory. Life is fascinating! It takes different forms to make this cosmic world vibrant.

The world as we know it is much beyond this Earth. Life exists in different forms and maybe all are not revealed to us. Our continuous effort to search for different forms of life will continue. This world we know has many wonders, which we are not yet aware of. The hidden caves, deep oceans, some unknown part of dense forests have many species which we may not be aware of. Maybe there is a parallel world or ecosystem which is thriving, without our knowledge. The possibilities of life are immense. Life is resilient and will find a way to adapt to the rapidly changing world.

Life has a way to heal itself. We have to understand; that if we are connected to this whole ecosystem, humans are also a part of it and are dependent is a direct or indirect way to the various forms of life. We cannot live a healthy life and heal ourselves and live exclusively cut-off from the ecosystem. Humanity is a strand from the same social fabric.

Let’s consider this, life will end and will be created again. It is a life-cycle which has continued and will continue on the future too. Nature has a way to reclaim its creations and create a new ecosystem. Life will transform, become resilient, thrive within a lifespan, and finally end. We need to take care that we do not alter the natural ecosystem of nature for our immediate benefit. We cannot create or recreate nature to heal ourselves. We have to rely on nature for our well-being and existence.

We have to live with nature and not against nature. We have to let nature heal itself, to make this Earth more conducive for other life forms so that humanity can survive. We have to explore and keep our minds open to welcome the natural transformations. Life is beautiful and we have to believe in this beauty. Our soul carries the secrets of this universe and we have to delve deep with our thinking to understand life and its secrets. Remember, this is the world that heals!

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