Insipid Ink

Ink loses its energy even before the undernourished pen can hope to be rejuvenated There, a drop of ink still did not lose its sheen and looks healthier than the rest, bottled up, but its colour is fading and even gives off a stale odour A scrawny looking pen still has that edge and fire, its steely resolve glints like a freshly sharpened rapier; from … Continue reading Insipid Ink

Sane Voices

Rare saner voices seem to be more distant than ever; somewhere, the deepest forest has taken over the territory The crisp air is a contrast to the haziness, in a world surrounded by more cynical voices Slouching and cribbing, their language seems to be emaciated from long exposures to harsh environments Why buy more time after mortgaging them at the dreary looking shop where stingy … Continue reading Sane Voices