Blogging and Knowledge

Undermining the efforts of blogging platform by putting the entire endeavour into a narrow Social Media category is disconcerting. It’s an attempt to curtail the scope of essaying in-depth narratives where writers put in a lot of effort in terms of research and creativity (not measurable by algorithms). There are so many wonderful writers and authors presenting articles which are worth reading, but unfortunately, due … Continue reading Blogging and Knowledge

The Crowd

Once you are absorbed by the crowd, you forget the yearning of solitude Cradled by the multitude, the thoughts go through a tumultuous time The intoxication of seeking approval by the myriad possibilities that are promised Frenzied delights the heart racing towards the masquerading euphoria  Ineffable persuasions lead to the enormous dome full of masked realities It was unexpected for the soul to feel alone … Continue reading The Crowd

A Pen

The slant of the pen decides its mood Whether the pages will be slashed or sink deeper  Leave uncomfortable narratives with ink Craftily interprets the mood of the writer Sinewy words could be revived Or, drowned in some agony of disenchantment Chronicle a discourse of human dilemma Reluctant words choke the pen sometimes Only to be deluged with a feisty harangue Black or blue, the … Continue reading A Pen