Wicked Thoughts- A Poem

A fantastic poem by Shalini Some days, some wicked thoughts… Reigning them in, is the only way Some days, some wicked thoughts Holding them close, keeps them at bay Some days, some wicked thoughts Though they go far to make my day Some days, some wicked thoughts Like a witch’s cackle, they started in May Some days, some wicked thoughts Lest they boil, I have … Continue reading Wicked Thoughts- A Poem

Poseur’s Fatalism

Perceived through the eyes of a poseur  Guilefully cultivated visions that appear to dazzle the hungry eyes Smoky skies obscure the hollowness Quavering voices learn to pulsate with the undivinely rhythm Fabulous poisons disguised as the flowing enchantress Hoping to flow through the thirsty spirits waiting to satiate parched hearts While bitter abysses overflow; a rare phenomenon of a deluge From the world of grisly … Continue reading Poseur’s Fatalism

Crawling through Perceptions

Don’t crawl through distorted perceptions, for all, it may be a twisted, shape-shifting labyrinth, capable of squeezing out the life force mercilessly. From (un)truths are birthed numerous demons who gnaw the intellects. It is not a classical warning or some historical excerpt, but a reality of clarity to precisely read the characteristics of such perspectives. ~Amitav Continue reading Crawling through Perceptions