Writers should struggle more to expand their realm of thoughts rather than waste time in delusional obsession of seeking recognition for mediocre work. Writing is never a Social Media circus where a writer acts as a ring master. Literature can only get attention and be topic of meaningful discussions when it reflects sincerity and struggle to offer conscious ideas. ~Amitav  Continue reading Writing 


What appears to be faultlines of nature are our perceptions  Not really blemishes or weakness; abrupt resting along the edges Some precipices and secret abysses hold reasons unexplained Echoes become prominent with a language of yore  Inability of busyness and excessive altercations with life Nature’s faults look pale in comparison to unnecessary strifes  Wishing is not enough to comprehend truth that reverberates  ~Amitav Continue reading Appearances 

Not Noise 

Folded shutters, rattle at different times to welcome the day Nothing fancy but a closed world walks out to greet new faces Rows of different cultures blend so easily without persistence Languages jostle for space to narrate the worldly experiences  Aroma of cuisines invite many famished belly  Walking around and navigating as a spectator to human emotions  Not noise anymore when ears can differentiate between … Continue reading Not Noise