Plunging skylines of the city wishes for a peaceful rendezvous Ambitious feelings wish to penetrate the tranquility of sky Unnecessarily stirring the placid scenery of Universe’s design Frolicking winds face interruptions and stern admonitions Wings of messengers contemplate a different route to journey Meanderings bring exhaustion to the energetic souls Flickering lights filter the monotones to create lethargic moments Greetings of the dark lack passion … Continue reading Skylines

Echoing Breath

Echoing breath in the deep chasm trapped under burden Suddenly the spine shifted to create some space for freedom Pitch-black uncertainty escape from the fractures in rage Solid land transforms into fluid spectacle of sentiments Anonymous phantom return from exile of many ages There is defiant undercurrent in this unnatural brilliance  Once considered hospitable because of many false dreams Spell of malevolent forces are slowly … Continue reading Echoing Breath