The Blooming Faces 

Flowers bloom after gathering fragrances from mystical world Without any expectation of praise or unnecessary fuss from chance admirers Aware of the busyness they still flower with amazing grace  None can emulate their symmetry and dignified beauty  It’s  a much awaited saga that unfold to celebrate fresh colourful celebration  -Amitav  Continue reading The Blooming Faces 


The inimical atmosphere consistently plans a psychological strife. Increasingly, we find, in the guise of giving opinion (s) about any social aspect is either skewed and or erroneously analysed. Mostly, voicing opinions without critical thinking or logical interpretation can jeopardise the already tumultuous situation. Unfortunately, very few realise the importance of wisdom or patiently discussing such issues to arrive at any solution. A pleasant society … Continue reading Solutions 

Reluctant Thoughts 

When thoughts become reluctant in an unfriendly mind Constant sparring emerges to be the preferred communication  Desire to experience the ultimate grandeur of life become elusive  Wealth diminishes in value, every transaction a labyrinth of flaws Untimely erosion of philosophical facets of life weakens vision  A purposeless journey manipulates to give birth to alternative ideas -Amitav Continue reading Reluctant Thoughts 


My ears hesitate to give equal attention to all sounds They do not assimilate the numerous sounds that are suspect  Unscrupulous voices modulate them to lure away the senses Profound wisdom perceived to be some esoteric practices  Different illusions and hallucinations defy any logic There’s no hesitancy to drench with overflowing torrents of euphoria Ears trained for timely discourses of nature makes life complete -Amitav  Continue reading Ears 

The Roots

The roots being pulled out with all might one can conjure  Hollow, none would gauge the conspiracies that nurture under the soil Soiled to the core, the adulterated juices seep deeper to alter their soul Flailing and aimless pleas echo in the dampened and dark clingy walls Enervated roots, contradicting their nature of anchoring life Such wily behaviour have reached the unknown depths of soul … Continue reading The Roots


Without a decent communication with morning Days start hurrying through expectations of life Ignored daylight wishes to get past heavy curtains Yearnings and enthusiasm remain same Hoping to get an audience from conscious beings Embraces change without lamenting Benevolence of light deflect in haphazard angles Little winged angels scurry towards the warmth Waiting for those unreal dreams to fade away Light of morn will be … Continue reading Hopeful


Cynical yearnings depreciates the soul Urging pernicious actions to disarrange fate Inspiring a domino effect Eviscerating the cosy nature of hearts Willingly constructing fences of barbed wires Those hands toil to create deathly knots Stretched across the subconscious Numerous plans to destabilise life in earnest Tutoring minds to view life through tainted glass Peering eyes with saddened feelings gaze Sultry thoughts permeate greedily Eagerly gulping … Continue reading Clamour

Being Awake

Silhouettes walk past the overcrowded mind Trying frantically to communicate at similar wavelengths Disruptions are real, powerful interference persist Measured words stifle language of the heart Only decorative tongues try to socialise with this world Carriers of such burden burdens the posture Journeying through unreal reality with inadequate reason Sun’s rays have become critical of unillumined thoughts Introspection can be therapeutical for unsettled sentiments Omniscience … Continue reading Being Awake

Feel Beyond 

Feel beyond obsolete feelings, there is an entire universe to experience Seems, inane thoughts have nested for too long in the mind  Verses are not rich enough if they cannot transcend this reality Awakening of a slumberous mind can see through the persistent disguise  Passion is not passionate enough, impoverished with consistent lies Consistent erratic sentiments undermine the soul of expressions  -Amitav  Continue reading Feel Beyond 

True Intentions

Consciousness is at its lowest as we perceive each other to be antagonists and not fellow travellers. Lack of conscious knowledge has always unsettled the mind and influenced it to conceive negative thoughts and habits. True knowledge is beyond ‘reading’ and ‘writing’ skills; it shows the individual to comprehend life and spark that flame of hope and gratitude to enlighten minds. Be conscious and knowledgeable. … Continue reading True Intentions