With Eyes

Eyes have a peculiar fascination to seek out strange angles Adjusting the apertures according to the intensity of light  Trying to familiarise with unknown perceptions and reflections A visual communication sans the usual languages for interaction Subtle imageries shape vision that is concentrated with reason Light filters through with precision to etch memoirs in mind An envisioning mind guided by pure consciousness seeks a path Contemplations of … Continue reading With Eyes

Invisible Doors

Invisible doors, crafted from perceptions of yore Baroque designs display so many facets of human feelings Among the cloud of collected drops of nebulous ideas Feeling the doors is an experience across threshold of time Struggling craftsmen with faulty philosophical chisel Windows feel bare and useless, choked with taut screens Nothing, absolutely nothing makes sense of this mayhem Ideologies clash behind doors and also the … Continue reading Invisible Doors


List of forgotten essentials Faint images still murmur  Overshadowed by life Projections are a strategy Overlapping blurry feelings Disorganized conversations Incurable negative tongue Weak composition of words Languages of despair Impotent powers celebrated An agreement accepted Relegating the real self Holding the crumpled list Essentials are useless Ambitions soar  Dreams and perceptions Marketed with skill The virtue of conformity A resounding ‘Yes’ Approval with diligence Finding … Continue reading Essentials

Restless Wings

Fidgety wings brush the rough branches Looking hither and thither, an inquisitive idler Playing with the last rays to reflect on day’s labour Fruitless and famished, city life is abominable Solitary mind reverberates to erode symbol of freedom Wings become weak and vulnerable Skies do not hold nostalgia but smoky screen of turmoil Celebration of decadent ideas is evident “Choking the pure essence of life”, … Continue reading Restless Wings

Seeking Listeners

Not many times do knees touch the ground Walking with unsure steps even when numerous missteps Arrogance or a sense of defeat confronts the heart One who is defensive wishes to face life with weak armours Knees cannot bear the weight of undesirable embellishments Mindless thoughts create a manipulated world around Fidgeting with the resonance of pure aura; weakening presence There is no humiliation in … Continue reading Seeking Listeners

True Wish

Wish, the sea of emotions were seen by cosmic eyes Only a communication between the heart and universe’s soul Finding reasons behind every little experience attain clarity Life itself will never be questioned unnecessarily Spirited feelings with pure energy cascades from omniscience Ephemeral memoirs leave deep impression in the mind Fertile imaginations levitates to the realm of absolute bliss Only true love for life can fulfil … Continue reading True Wish

World and Sphere

It’s a world within a world There are perceptions and reflections Mostly, deflected from myriad consciousness Crisscross of thoughts, suspended in reality Every little reality becomes an entire world Within spheres of own truth Waiting for clarity to perforate microscopic designs Allowing cosmic light to enlighten That little world to flourish with conscious reason When worlds will coalesce to birth another existence Continuity of thoughts … Continue reading World and Sphere