From Words to Wisdom

If the words become too stubborn

Spending too much time in the kiln 

Emptied emotions through the cracks

Scorched and transformed, indifference

The magician’s potion is not potent

Torture of drowning them in a crucible

Such drama to revive them; pithy sorcery

Inescapable torture from excesses

Embellished with fraudulence  

There’s a spectacle for everyone’s eyes

Contempt and jeering for the hollow drama

A spectator cannot become an audience

This raging fire of jealousy is Hellish

In the battle, words are sacrificed

Even lives aren’t spared from the blaze

This passionate destruction continues

Ignited from some eternal rage

Sentinels stood there as accomplices

Universe collided and formed parallel worlds

Wisdom suppressed from mortals

There will be many Suns birthed

Intense light and new languages

Of philosophies from eternity’s womb

Words will be profound again

Fire will provide light to everyone

Heal the world with warmth

Elements will be cured of poison

A world will be crowned with wisdom

Rich knowledge will flow again

Fertile grounds will provide grains

Nature’s faithfulness and resurrection

Words will echo through dimensions

All of existence will reverberate 

Virtuous moments enable a noble cause


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