Headline Headaches

Everywhere, it is emphasized that a powerful headline attracts readers. There are so many bold ideas for coming up with bold statements just to craft a crown.

Indeed, now that we decide on reading a certain piece of article, story, an essay based on a headline. What if the headline is ordinary and the written piece is exemplary and a thoroughly researched one that you miss, because you decided to turn away from it due to an average headline.

It’s like saying, “I won’t enter someone’s house because the door looks really ordinary.” What assures you a true hospitality if the door is gilded? Let’s get in and familiarize ourselves with work before turning away. Assuming the character of a write from a headline is a generalized perception formed against a literary piece.

If a writer spends 80% of the effort in trying to craft an attractive headline then, they have 20% time to invest in writing, editing and finalizing the content.

If a writer has to be visible in the distant future, the content, its creative depth, and the ability to connect with the reader will decide its fate. The propaganda of a headline deciding the fate is too much of a generalization.
It is all about visibility and algorithmic calculations; how soon it can crawl up the search engines.

I usually go deeper into the search engine’s results. I have noticed that it does not always sit at the top to justify the topic I choose to read. I do not stumble at the patio and look at the door! I may turn away from it and miss out on a chance to read the kind of work I have been looking for.

A headline has to justify the quality of writing. There are so many Headline Ranking websites just to analyze your headline score. What if the high-scoring headline is an ill-fitting crown on a poorly written piece of work?

The writing should be compelling enough to captivate the readers. It must be crafted to engage the senses and also convince them to recommend the work to others. The prolonged discussions around a creative work decide the real influence it had on the readers.

A hollow space will echo with conflicting views and counter-views, but a philosophically sound work will invigorate the senses and also allow fair critical views. The balance in such writing is the initiation of critical thinking and will also send a clear message of communicating the interesting ideologies to potential readers.

A headline has to complement the piece of writing and not be a stand-alone embellishment to grab eyeballs.


6 thoughts on “Headline Headaches

  1. 🙂 Actually, what some writers and bloggers do is, that they refine their headlines after they have completed their articles (So, more time is still spent on putting the content together).


    1. I should have mentioned literary writing, creative writing, academic writing, business writing, advertising, branding, and promotional writing. Mostly, works of literature and creative writing do not have to adhere to such rules. Yes, promotional blogs and content marketing does have such compulsions. The need to be visible. But I have seen overall, the quality of content has gone down considerably. Even if they rank higher because of SEO tactics.

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