The Curiosity of Ambivalence

The spontaneity of the mind can not only be surprisingly awkward but also a reminder to the fact that it may play with an ambivalent nature. Is it a phenomenon? Well, the mind is kind of elusive to the conclusive deconstruction. It is interesting to note that human consciousness can only comprehend the mind to a certain degree but remains elusive for the greater part. … Continue reading The Curiosity of Ambivalence

Poetic Chaos and Acceptance

I feel memorising poetry isn’t a great idea. They seem to crystallize in the mind as we keep on repeating them line by line, along with our own rhythm. I am not talking about the measure of poetic expression, but a unique way of reciting poetry as it enables one to recite them from memory. It’s like similar solidified particles move around in a rhythm … Continue reading Poetic Chaos and Acceptance


Unsettled thoughts move from here to there Looking to carve out a space to find some succour There’s sudden urgency to be away from the rush When it is a choice to find commonality  Iconoclastic ideas are considered unwanted obtrusions Being conspicuous among mundanity is a choice Fatigue has become a constant companion Trying to imbibe the accepted routines in behaviour Obtuse morality is a … Continue reading Decisions

The Ambiguity

Life’s immortality exists in a mortal body  There is an ambiguity in the proclamation  When the consciousness seeks eternity A shadow of doubt pulls the attention towards the physical It takes time and eventually the renunciation of that illusion To believe that we are not adjuncts of this paradise Looking at life with disregard for the essence of life Seeds of discrimination sprout and take … Continue reading The Ambiguity

The Secrets

When the heart conceals secrets Feelings become entangled  The enthusiasm of heart wane Rarely the heartbeats enthuse Faintly audible in the maelstrom Like vines, the feelings wrap around the mind A mirror becomes an enemy- Reflecting the turmoil within Melancholic breath makes the mirror cloudy Face becomes blurry Secrets unleash their sinister plans Life reflects in the tiny droplets Streams of feelings cannot wash away the … Continue reading The Secrets

World of Woes

A world closer to you Most often you overlook Distant visions look alluring Subtle feelings and affections Makes you feel smothered Ye shall miss the nuances Painting the world in gray You fail to listen to the pleas Words from the heart Preferring the air of ambiguity Clandestinely walking around Without an abode to retire Risking the crumbling world within Looking at life with crude … Continue reading World of Woes