Stifling Days

The days have been too harsh An unspoken uneasiness in the air Darkness fails to soothe the bad temper Unholy nexus of polluted air Traps the sweltering heat for too long Modern cities look dreary due to faulty designs Dreams wish to reach the skies Although, dwelling in the concrete confines Finding life’s short-cuts to elevated status To fulfill lofty desires with the push of … Continue reading Stifling Days

The Forefinger

Of all the hand gestures We significantly use the forefinger To point out the mistakes- Accusations that drills through Defined as an act of defense More often, a manifestation of inner strife Emphasizing the unaccommodating nature Life’s principles pirouetting to a tune On the edge of a forefinger Obstinate ways of life create a barrier Reflecting the reflexes of deep insecurities© Continue reading The Forefinger