Feelings stop Flowing

When feelings stop flowing Scarcity etches deep fissures Exposing the parched territories Shallow beds of life suffer silently Contours of melancholy are evident Lips dry up- unable to speak Feelings curled up in a dry lump Caught in the throat Chokes the speeches on their track Tender lushness missing from life Journey brushes along the thorns Lacerating the skin with every step© Continue reading Feelings stop Flowing

Mystical Music

Mystical sound waves weave magic As I can visualize the transparent screen Composed of pure music Reflecting my subtle imaginations vividly Waves of universal symmetry Transitions each dream into a lucid space Music takes the Spirit to another world Nature reveals the hidden wonder This space is perfect haven to reminisce The sound waves lead me to a different realm Where harmony reflects from every facet© Continue reading Mystical Music