Positivity and Negativity

Intolerance towards goodness, positivity, and gratitude brings misfortune. Turning away from such positive energy will allow the accumulation of negative or dark energy which shrouds life with insecurity. There will be a propensity to experience the negative and with (in)decision often lead an individual towards the path of self-destruction. When Ego turns into a negative force, it will deny the individual to look at life … Continue reading Positivity and Negativity

Hurried Steps

Walking through life in hurried steps Unusual briskness tires the soles too often The feet barely make contact with the Earth Entire body in a state of stiffness from expectations When life becomes an indomitable challenge There was not enough time for self-realization Hurried decisions to plunge into life unprepared Without the knowledge to comprehend details Dreams of acquiring too much too soon Relationships become … Continue reading Hurried Steps