Classical Love

Ink traces the path leading to true love Eloquently flows the feelings, towards a heart Eyes shy away with initial reluctance Only to be mesmerized by the truthful admiration Every line wraps around the lissome beauty Feelings have woven the gorgeous dress Standing there in elegance for the lover to behold Classical feelings become a reality with love An elixir that flows through eternity Paradise … Continue reading Classical Love

The Statue

The statue of an idol is frozen in time; an imaginary replica trying to essay the triumphs and defeats. The world that was closely followed by the public; now every opinion is amalgamated with various metals to give a bronzed look. It is carefully crafted to provide an aura of invincibility through the exaggerated nuances in the facial expressions and the crisply crafted attire. Sunshine … Continue reading The Statue

Wooden Fence and a Bench

The wooden fence still breathes Reminiscing the life as a tree Severed from the roots, brutally Still of use, barricading thoroughfares Nature used against Nature, that’s human Segregation gives a sense of ownership Trust is erected as fenced reminders Even the wooden bench allows one to rest Individuals, surrounded by a stressful life Sitting on the bench to contemplate busyness Sometimes the mind does take … Continue reading Wooden Fence and a Bench

The Robe

Everyone is attired in a robe; intrinsically woven with the threads of nature. Once, wound in the spool, the threads are interwoven with secret messages of life. It is perfectly measured, according to the requirement of a lifetime and to preserve the sanctity of Divine grace. It does not have the unnatural ostentation or embellished with various artificially mined superlatives, to give a new identity … Continue reading The Robe

The Streets

The streets are flooded with human trepidations, flowing incessantly towards unknown destinations. Every footfall creates an impact, a temporary indentation, on the flow of life. Fate, once in a relationship with the parallel world created by us, automatically transports us to the desired (effect of induced dreams) destination, without our consent. The faces try to narrate contrary stories of human successes that have given birth … Continue reading The Streets