Sleep is a skillful manipulator Persuading the mind to share its dreams Lovely sights of a new world The door opens with the tap of a magic wand Subconscious realization stirs the deepest passions It’s a journey into the space hidden among imaginations Sleep is the destiny that awakens the truth Laying supine, surrounded by cosmic aura Such visions that will lead through many doors … Continue reading Sleep

The Elements

The Elements are your guide Seek to surrender to their permanence Float around the purlieu of Eternity There will come a time when you surpass Time Be it so! You can evoke the Elements in the Soul Of transcendence and the life of continuity Through the stream of consciousness Gradually submerging to the nadir world The ultimate passage to enter life of apotheosis You are … Continue reading The Elements

Life’s Narratives

An honest narrative about life is only possible when we disengage from the repetitive ratifications, usually, where the mass consciousness plays an immense role and not necessarily reflect the individual choices.   Language, with the complex sentence structures and convoluted thought process, is the crutch on which the hyperbolic statements are delivered to dilute the philosophy of life; pushing them towards the subjunctive, thus, queering the very … Continue reading Life’s Narratives