Divine Beauty

Fallen leaves rustle in rhythm When touched by the dainty feet Demure avatar with porcelain feel Love flows from a translucent heart Morning is dazzled by the divine beauty Birds are singing a different tune To regale the soul so pure Galloping stream invites the beauty to immerse Blooming paradise will awaken  Eternal tenderness weaves the invisible fabric Draped in beauty and perpetual happiness© Continue reading Divine Beauty


Time was infused with raven black color Eclipsing the fading glory of the day Preparing the soul for a mystical journey Dreams tread through unknown landscapes Before the first light of dawn gave a glance Raven black color faded away in silence It’s time for the dreamer to write memoirs Dreams spell many intricacies of life Words will try to live up to the dawn© Continue reading Dawn

When the Moon Descends

When the Moon descends in those eyes Captivating replica, that shines brighter Embellished with astonishing sparkles Moon feels adorned with purity of love Those eyes can make the Moon blush Nimble feet dances like graceful air Stars join the soirée to decorate paradise Flowing mane gleams with ecstatic ripples Wilderness is brightened by elegant soul Night comes alive to transform the fate O’ generous Moon, … Continue reading When the Moon Descends