Memories and Feelings

Nostalgic ink was reminiscing the past Pen tried to capture the intense moments Ink was unwilling to let the memoir come to life Every word’s will dissolved across the blank page Smudges were left behind by a sorrowful heart Words cannot come to life without the feelings Today, the feelings changed direction They were forcefully rushing in to deluge the world Surging ahead to break … Continue reading Memories and Feelings

Anxious Nights

As the world becomes louder Decibels do not spare the nights Creepy voices scare away the innocence When the mind could calm itself Or, aimlessly admire the sky Also, invite silence to join the soirée Always a faithful companion Heart yearns the silent nights To reflect upon the universe at leisure Distractions of myriad kinds Insecure hearts try to fill the void With unnecessary decibels Frazzled … Continue reading Anxious Nights