A Framed Image

Staring at a framed image A reflection of the mind Confined, to portray a situation Unnecessary noise adds chaos Disturbing the core of pixels Image distorted by vibrations Not in tune with the Universe Exposed to bright illumination Image fades away from vision Every grain scatters away Unsettling the framed image© Continue reading A Framed Image

Innocence of Evening

The innocence of evening Highlighted by the graceful twilight Gorgeous glow of omniscient grace Eventide, when brightness flows into oblivion A confluence with mystical darkness Magnificent hues emanate to color the skies Emerges the masterpiece of nature Eyes captivated by a breathtaking event Playful breeze creates ripples in feelings An ultimate surrender to waves of change Night knocks the doors of cosmic solitude For the extravagance … Continue reading Innocence of Evening

Conversation, Consciousness, and Conclusions

The frequent conversations that you engage in, with yourself, reflects the state of your mind and shapes the philosophy of your life. Regularly, life pours a lot of inputs, and your brain reacts to the ones you choose, either compulsively, or to feel that you are in sync with the immediate sentiments of society and people around. If you reflect deeply, most of your reactions towards … Continue reading Conversation, Consciousness, and Conclusions