The Streets

The streets are flooded with human trepidations, flowing incessantly towards unknown destinations. Every footfall creates an impact, a temporary indentation, on the flow of life.

Fate, once in a relationship with the parallel world created by us, automatically transports us to the desired (effect of induced dreams) destination, without our consent.

The faces try to narrate contrary stories of human successes that have given birth to this entire saga. With every triumph, we may have traveled a notch lower, where there are more edges than sure foundations of life.

We have addresses and destinations, where we dwell for a long period of time or change location, trying to keep up with the induced dreams that rush past us. We are trying to tame an illusion.

Streets cut across haphazardly like puzzling labyrinths and we are not sure-footed enough to narrate a story of ultimate freedom.

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