Time and Age

Extravagance of youth  Diminishes the will at old age Surrounded by heaps of memoirs Dog-eared pages of silent repentance Jaundiced memories lay there No hope of ameliorating the past Feeble summon is not  an invitation A cloak of loneliness, only possession Time’s shifted towards fragile ground© Continue reading Time and Age

Unusual Breakfast

Imagination is spread across in a thin layer Blank page resembles a burnt toast Freshly popped out of the overheating toaster Now the thin layer of imagination melts away Trying to scoop dollops of words to apply To soothe the burning sensation with feelings There, the unwanted feelings are brewing Boiling with rage over the flame of intense debate Nothing seems to be pairing off today … Continue reading Unusual Breakfast

The Mind and Freedom

The mind is not a spool To be wounded with loose threads of disparate knowledge Assimilated from hearsay, hypotheses, and unpredictable sources The foolish mind will be entangled Trying to bind all possible real knowledge with the threads And limit the flourishing flow of true knowledge A mind that vacillates between dark abysses  Trying vehemently to propagate the memorized prejudices And finding ways to gain … Continue reading The Mind and Freedom