Morning Smile

How often we miss the big smile of morn Allow the ripples of new challenges to settle Sunk deep in the bed, it takes time to find the feet And take few steps toward the morning light Make it a ritual to wrap the mind with dawn’s mirth  Love for life will awaken from deep slumber A new day smiles to greet you without fail … Continue reading Morning Smile

The Secrets

When the heart conceals secrets Feelings become entangled  The enthusiasm of heart wane Rarely the heartbeats enthuse Faintly audible in the maelstrom Like vines, the feelings wrap around the mind A mirror becomes an enemy- Reflecting the turmoil within Melancholic breath makes the mirror cloudy Face becomes blurry Secrets unleash their sinister plans Life reflects in the tiny droplets Streams of feelings cannot wash away the … Continue reading The Secrets

The Earth

The Earth looks meditative Carrying the stillness of ancient years So many narratives remain mystery Impassive, but the soul is abundant with Energy The calm exterior of Nature is just a reflection An enigma for life that thrives from it Mostly looked at with suspicion, for its calm nature Change continues according to the plan Upheavals position life in accordance to Universe We have become … Continue reading The Earth