Day’s Approval

The day had dawned but was looking quite nonplussed. It was waiting for an approval and few moments of appreciation from the early riser. Although, looking dreary due to the truant nature of the Sun. Clouds conceal the excitement between the enormous folds. Behind the softness and fluffy nature, there’s abyss, filled with droplets of crystal. They are collected to announce the arrival of monsoon. … Continue reading Day’s Approval

Misty Sky

Misty sky, in deep contemplation Grey aura creates patterns as they flow The wind smudges the canvas with sombre feelings Distant scenery wrapped in mysterious blur Vision is distorted due to interplay of emotions But the soul is effulgent with beautiful memories Searching through the droplets of Life Feelings sweep over the Paradise Sun decided to play hide-n-seek Engaging the solitary traveller in this plan© Continue reading Misty Sky