The Unarticulated

Not everything has been said, and not everything will be Yet, the unspoken narratives hold the important tenets Turn down the volume and adjust the frequency of the mind To listen to the whispers of the Universe with clarity Dissociate from the repugnant noises that deafen the senses Prepare to explore the truth and paths may lead to solitary existence Not everything that has been … Continue reading The Unarticulated

Life’s Ambiguity

Mind’s in an ambivalent mood Flowing with sentiments that cannot nourish a soul So often the mind wanders down uncertain paths Searching for a solution to alleviate inner confusion Voicing displeasure because of the nature of life Precariously balanced on the edge of uncertainty Spirit begins to wilt due to lack of any pure motivation Fate chooses multiple paths to walk on, without a plan Often, … Continue reading Life’s Ambiguity