Consciousness and Change

The Universe churns to guide continuous change Incessantly communicating with the soul Knowledge sometimes trickles down or flows with urgency Inundate the disintegrating thoughts and clean the mind An awakening is birthed from the new consciousness The Senses are energized by the brilliance of pure light Life flows eternally, traverses different paths to experience Consciousness will decide the fate of future journey Eye of the Universe scans … Continue reading Consciousness and Change

Mirroring Conflicts

A mirror creates two worlds Interesting observations with initial doubts Is it a true reflection or an alter ego? Friend, foe, or mere hallucination Maybe workings of a hyperactive mind, this reflection Representing the light and dark? Or, the hidden desires magnified for a show Debating the strengths and weaknesses Flaws and perfections and dual comparisons  Most interesting debate with a reflection Anything between eloquent … Continue reading Mirroring Conflicts


Disappearance is a miraculous journey Suddenly, the feelings evaporate Transporting the heart to seek in a distant land Where eyes have found new attractions Eagerly willing to journey to a new paradise Heart can be a convincing taskmaster Evoking intense passion for a miraculous disappearance Leaving behind a world that once cared Nurtured many dreams and desires When the mind and heart decides on a destination- … Continue reading Disappearance