The Blinkers

Forked ideas pick on the brains at will, rather ferociously, as the ravenous ideologies desire to chew on them. Interesting times always; there is an evolution of narcissism, and its rapid proliferation has become sophisticated with the digital age. It travels swiftly across the globe, creating sensational ripples to unsettle subtle ideologies.

There is the propensity to seek validation; be it one’s conviction about faltering thoughts or deep-rooted cynicism that is eager to find legitimacy. So, the best way is to dilute them with other faulty perceptions and quietly pour them in the concoction of ideas. It feels good, a satisfaction light up the mind for a brief moment. Ceding individuality to gain a piece of recognition is a contradiction, aberration, and foolish idea.

At the onset of education, the sides are demarcated, with emphasis on choosing sides. When life is viewed in dual tones, it is established that crooked perceptions act as blinkers for the rest of the journey.

Even self-learning and curiosity is doused in reprehensible hues of shame; no free-thinkers will be tolerated in the contrived spaces. The idea of expansionism that offers equality and freedom in a real sense is abhorred by those who distribute blinkers for free.

With these behavioural traits, the fear of being left alone and having to fight a lonesome battle throughout life seems to be a harmful bargain. It is instilled at the very early stage in life that conforming and playing along with unintellectual or anti-intellectual ideologies has a greater prospect of winning laurels. We whine at some point in life about some imbecile directing our lives, rather lording over even the most intimate aspect of our existence.

The digital age may be expediting the process of dumbing down with the help of fake news and views, with the help of artificial-intelligence and bots. The cleverly written algorithms are becoming the digital-age instrument to engineer the apocalypse of remaining intellectualism.

Brain-washed and brain drained persistently with the help of sophisticated distractions are common. We embrace so many things, material that is immaterial and ideologies that are self-destructive, without blinking or looking through them (that explains the formidable blinkers).

It is common knowledge that vociferous defence against the fallible ideologies is growing, while many of them have been appropriated with the idea of embedding them forever into the DNA of life.

We learn not to learn from mistakes, trying to justify them and even being ultra-sensitive towards such abominable behaviour. Gradually, the spaces are dotted with such aberrations and it’s too late when we realise we have been victimised too. Rallying around them for too long has made the mind vulnerable. A time comes when there is no choice to pick any ideas; the faulty ones are poured for easy pickings by forked ideas.

We really cannot bypass the bifurcation and is caught in an odd predicament of living with detrimental ideas that have become mainstream thoughts. We cannot gauge the future as we are with the blinkers of faulty ideologies. The present is turmoil; the past is pulled into the present and knotted in a difficult situation.

We are increasingly choosing violent narratives, and languages are helpless other than expressing passive anger with the copious number of expletives. That’s the indication of cultural devolution and rapid disintegration of thinking capabilities. We will continue to choose with the idea of complete freedom (where such an environment does not exist or increasingly shrink) and will be pushed towards the prejudiced environment without our consent.


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