Unaltered Reality in Eternity

Held back, somewhere in an untraceable world

Widened eyes dream- the landscapes remain unaltered

Untended, because it has been forgotten

One can roam around as this nature deems appropriate

Time differs- dissimilar ways the clocks behave

To welcome each day with an unfeeling reality around it

Struggles of people who are unaware, but feels different

It occurs, sometimes late in the night, like a stern dream

The feelings remain; inappropriately alters minds

Like a gyre that threatens to uproot everything

A reality lurks at an uncomfortable distance

Eyes may conclude hastily, but the heart still feels sluggish

And the soul contradicts everything like an Oracle

It is too late- silence cannot be translated in a void

All have been judging life from a feeble knowledge

Books that were written cannot be held convincingly

Erring sentiments obscure the omniscient language

Everyone speaks in a contemptuous voice- a final judgement

Time stands still, the faltering journey continues unabated


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