Dreams you Love

If you really love your dreams and wouldn’t want to be separated at dawn

Willing to let sleep take over, as the world flees from the grasp of a slumberous mind

But the lazy plans open new avenues of wandering; laying the soul in this position is exciting

Only to watch the dreams and contemplate their well-being

A tireless and solitary journey of caressing them with hope, against all odds of an indecently furious world

While avoiding the strategic lights, it’s time to seek out the natural one

Playing with the shadows that have imprisoned the lively steps are now going to be erased 


3 thoughts on “Dreams you Love

  1. Dreams are funny that way. Some loud bang or interruption early in the morning just erases them. I prefer for this not to happen. I like to gnaw on them a bit, find out what they are telling me, before I lay them to rest, or with some commotion they just vanish.

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    1. Some of them gnaw our mind too… they are so powerful or disruptive, I would say, and as you say, “Some loud bang or interruption early in the morning just erases them” both ways, they annoy the consciousness. But their messages can’t be discarded easily.

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