Philosophers’ Words

So often the philosophers’ words Are repeatedly churned out Words remain words Without their due credence Wisdom remains within the pages There comes an era When the philosophers’ sentiments Wither away or derided Making a mockery of the deep wisdom Education is just a term When the mind remains delusional Lacking the ability to interpret From viewing things through Tinted glasses of false perceptions Passive … Continue reading Philosophers’ Words

Between Blank Pages

Filling the blank pages with words When feelings become too heavy to bear Delving deeper into the flowing catharsis Willingly the writer will not rest till finished Writing another chapter in the memoirs Filling the pages with latent desires One who feels from the heart and soul Emotions and feelings are constant companions Blank pages are the only canvas for a writer Eulogizing even the … Continue reading Between Blank Pages

Meaning of Silence

Sometimes voices fall silent And words become alien May be your desire to express The compelling feelings Cannot be conveyed through words Sometimes silence can be deafening Urging the heart to reach out And knock on the silent world Or you can try listening cloesly And decipher the essence of silence Walk through the maze To find the hidden feelings They are true and willing … Continue reading Meaning of Silence