Knowledge and Beyond

When the heart feels insatiable And life’s journey becomes an education Your soul plunges deeper into the knowledge well Swimming with the diurnal compass and beyond Night becomes an era of truth and revelations And true knowledge blesses your eyes with vision You can see beyond yourself and the multitude you represent Without indulging in the trivial and mundane cacophony You find meaning in the … Continue reading Knowledge and Beyond

Through the Labyrinth

Through the labyrinth Of interconnectedness Flowing through The arterial branches Across the sea Of turbulence Trying to find semblance To corroborate The individual presence Attached to the core Life beats with rhythm It takes time To maneuver through The depths of obscurity Toward oblivion An unknown maze Mind knows all An old soul Looking to adapt To the new light New horizons Await the braveheart … Continue reading Through the Labyrinth

Perfidious Intentions

Of all the tussles in the world Most strenuous is the tussle with oneself Leaves you vulnerable and bare An invitation to the perfidious ones to exploit Your paradise left at the mercy of lies Every drop, corroding away the foundation of trust You will be put on a pedestal of judgments More fabricated stories will ruin your reputation Like wild fire getting a new … Continue reading Perfidious Intentions

Realm of Silence

The soft touch of silence Waves in the tranquil feelings Deluging the parched soul Toward the magical realm Buoyed by the pure beliefs Soul flows with renewed life Ushering in the truth Closed eyes can view the universe Through many galaxies This soul travels Anecdotes of all experiences Now at the confluence of your being Once the realm of known is breached There are endless … Continue reading Realm of Silence