Philosophy of Life

Philosophy or the love for wisdom is a relentless pursuit. Every day it is a new dawn, new opportunities, and new realizations.  Philosophy is intrinsically woven in the tapestry of life. Thoughts are spontaneous and they emerge from the journey of life, past experiences and your interactions with the world around you. They may be positive or negative and thus impact the course of life. … Continue reading Philosophy of Life

Interpretations of Life

The myriad interpretations of life Contradictory perceptions create A tangential world of multitudes Rays of life go through the glass façade Only to be caged within the darkness Light loses its intensity to illuminate Trapped within the confines of fragility Misdirected by the blinding reflections The glare becomes blinding for the eyes Truth and dogmas are always in a tussle Living in the contradictions sans … Continue reading Interpretations of Life