Love is Eternal

Love is the eternal shining light Birthed from the core of consciousness Travelling across the cosmic realm Carrying the universal joy of life Embracing the heart that fathoms love In the true sense, beyond desires Love is the only shining star To light up the soul with realization Only the transient life Is not aware of the eternity of love Hold on to the belief … Continue reading Love is Eternal

The Morning Avatar

The silence of the early morning is mesmerizing Few birds chirping and fine-tuning their songs A morning shrouded in cloudiness and ethereal beauty As I walk into the morning air, it embraces me Joining the quiet morning’s meditation routine Nature’s children are in a transcendental fervor Yesterday’s karma is the only real asset Today’s presence is entirely revealed by my actions Morning veil of self-realization … Continue reading The Morning Avatar

Art of Deception

Unparalleled mastery at the art of deception Chanting the clichés in the most glib way possible Turning around situations in favor of oneself Words are spilled like oil creating a slippery ground Unaware footsteps are sure to falter and slide Along the smooth and flimsy ground of deception Dexterously looking to spin a bamboozling web around The ferocious urge to prowl and stalk the unaware … Continue reading Art of Deception