Shy Luminescence

The night reveals a shy luminescence Painted with the soft brush strokes A scene of ethereal beauty across the canvas The clarity of the silhouette edges is mesmerizing An abstract art evolves from vivid imagination The fervor of the silent night draped in grandeur Trembling with shyness the eternal beauty of night Divine beauty descended from the heavenly abode Intoxicating night’s aroma stirs the euphoric … Continue reading Shy Luminescence


The aberration of perception Eclipsed by the reflection of a reflection Distorted by the created illusion Emanating from a concrete viewpoint Based on physical evidence and vision Glancing over the veneer of superficiality Creating a structure in the mind Over a foundation of acquired fallacy An abyss between reality and perception Coming to conclusion through naïve realism Negating the distortion of reflected awareness All objects … Continue reading Perception

Happiness and You

Transform not happiness into a dependence Not to betray the world within you with deprivation Journey inward and acquaint the self with inner strength A beautifully resilient traveler soul seeking a path Evoke the unique positive values and realize your worth Precious heart seeks direction from the subliminal positivity All the senses in a confluence flow through you Your soul is the custodian of the … Continue reading Happiness and You

Stumbling Block

Don’t let ego be a stumbling block You are the manifestation of the universe Magnanimous is life that goes beyond living Channelize the ego to cultivate a fertile mind Elevate the mind and disseminate knowledge Acquire from the relentless pursuit of truth Let there be learning from the freedom of self Challenging the concrete rules of institutionalization Rise above the feeling of ‘amour-propre’ Embrace the … Continue reading Stumbling Block

Life’s Book

One wouldn’t want to hold a book too heavy With the collected belongings which are useless Clink-clank of the rusted thoughts and experiences A book too wound up with the unnecessary covers Almost enjoying the dark corners of the shelf The dog-eared pages reveal more unsavory truths Volatile past is evident from the old-book smell The book of life with pages turned musty yellow Book … Continue reading Life’s Book

Soul Thoughts

Pure thoughts of the soul Always are on the path towards truth Like the light that illuminates every corner Not partial to any being, seek and ye shall enjoy The divine light that is always your guide Listen to the silence that prevails And let the intellect perceive the cosmic wonder Your thoughts will reach the destination And the source shall reflect the truth it … Continue reading Soul Thoughts

Choices of Life

A life that is simple and dwells in silence Another parallel, where unnecessary embellishments The suave communication and the grandeur Unaware of the real motives in the underbelly Too often, an ambition to veer away from the mundane Trying to disassociate from the roots of stability Without the integrity and enacting scenes of debauchery Unknowingly at the depths of sameness, finding individuality Long after losing … Continue reading Choices of Life