The Flowing Stream

Talking to the flowing stream Its course runs through the dense woodland Nurturing many trees on the way Birthed from an ancient brook neath the rocks It was a relentless battle seeping through rocks Cutting through the ancient rocks before freedom For ages, flowing quietly without an identity Finally, the struggle paid off and free it flows Cracking open the crevice between the rocks Streams … Continue reading The Flowing Stream

The Price of Commodification

The commodification of ideas Even thoughts being packaged and delivered Upselling is the fashionable business idea Rationalization of the coercive indoctrination Social engineering for ultimate profiteering Mass produced commodities sold for a price A price too much to bear for rest of the life Fetish for commoditization is spiraling uncontrollably Trying to monopolize with hegemonistic endeavors©   Continue reading The Price of Commodification

The Wonder of the Night

The night’s still young A lazy elegance in the air Drifting feelings from a solitary heart Brief stillness welcomes the silence Releasing the effervescent notes from heart Humming nonchalantly in a trance Night sky is eternally a source of wonder Many souls watching over our paradise The sparkling smiles light up the night’s canopy Night becomes more intriguing Solitary soul wants to gaze beyond the … Continue reading The Wonder of the Night