Towards Nirvana

Lose the arrogance Break down the egoistic walls Before the shadows of doubt elongate Nature is always humble Paying obeisance to the cosmic powers Genuflect in humility A lifetime is merely a blink Your echoes reverberate The intention of the soul is revealed Before engulfed by towering void Finally, there is no trace Only a boundless entity in cosmic realm© Continue reading Towards Nirvana

The Pursuit and Comprehension of Life

Mostly we tread the unknown and walk along the unknown alleys. It’s a relentless pursuit to believe that we comprehend the meaning and the purpose. On the contrary, we harbor innumerable doubts in our minds. The ever-shifting dynamics of life is too enormous a philosophy to comprehend. We rush into life and the existing system which is process driven. When we try to confine an … Continue reading The Pursuit and Comprehension of Life

In Reality

Many wants make the world busy Whereas, needs are not even fulfilled Nothing is altruistic about the aspirations A mere mirage in a vast expanse of void Projected reality protected with zeal Magnified rhetoric believed to be truth The true intentions are in contradiction Change is just the invisible cloak of foolery When the minds are churning out jaded ideas Repackaged wisdom in a modern … Continue reading In Reality