Restricting Thoughts

Beware of the thoughts that slave the soul Coercing the mind and heart to believe in permanence Early are sown the seeds that blossom into dull flowers Throughout the garden of life with monotonous colors Dwelling on the regurgitated thoughts, hoping for a miracle Home detains the soul from venturing out to the right path Looking for familiarity and completely averse to find the truth … Continue reading Restricting Thoughts

Magic Moon

The moon reflects our dreams Mellowing the bright light for comfort Helping the soul to dream and desire Slowly endearing itself to the beholder Like the crystal sphere displays our dreams A soul that blends into the silver beauty Our dreams revolve around the orb Under the tranquil covers dreams glisten Melting moon drops make ripples in the soul A journey across the silver river … Continue reading Magic Moon

Dystopian Desires

In the consciousness of a transient phase There is an urge to give in to the Faustian bargain The feeling of momentary gratification and triumph Burning desire to claim the throne of power A sanctimonious attitude to create an aura of invincibility With fleeting desires, hoping to rule for eternity The cosmic power comes in admonishment of the soul The raging fire of desire completely … Continue reading Dystopian Desires