The Unsaid

The unsaid is often the truth Held so closely to the heart Mirrored through subtle gestures Listen to the unsaid Closely, with an intuitive mind Then what is said? Half-hearted attempt to convey The messages one wants to hear Not necessarily the truth Oft spoken to please With an ulterior motive Oratory and skillful obfuscation Wins over gullible heart Look closely- the body language Says much … Continue reading The Unsaid

Eternal Feelings

The eternal firmament bears a cerulean hue Where emerald wilderness blends into the horizon The night’s silent tears glistening in the morning light Morning traveler pauses to let the eyes wander Trying to listen to the soft murmurs of the trees Heavenly hymns enthrall the soul of the wanderer This is the manifestation of the immortal space A drink from Hebe’s Cup to taste eternal … Continue reading Eternal Feelings

Prelude to the Night

Evening slips in furtively through the twilight Clarion call for the tired souls to find a dwelling Slowly the veils of night will bring tranquility Life of the night weaves a trance-like splendor Don the robe of free will to welcome the infinite Earth that dazzles with the millions of smiles The commitment of the night to rain somnolence Walk through the immortal dreams in … Continue reading Prelude to the Night