With Time and Beyond

While time is a silent traveler We have tried to provide a sound The mechanical tick-tock Reminding us of passing time Vain it is for us to try capturing illusion Once in the cycle We cannot retreat at our will Trying to find meaning in contradictions Life has a message for us Encrypted in the existential realm So many images we capture Processing them from … Continue reading With Time and Beyond

The Overbearing Lies

Lies have proliferated our lives since ages and we have accepted them unwittingly, as part of our fate. The deliverance and the narrative of lies always had a finesse, which made it believable. We developed this art of suppressing the actual truth, for various reasons (varies according to the prevailing times) obfuscating them with carefully constructed lies and transforming them into believable truths. We have survived … Continue reading The Overbearing Lies

Day you Realize

The day you realize You have lived a life, arranged Designed and directed by society Without voicing your opinion Being a minion among the many Since the time of birth Ordered and institutionalized Education and beliefs You own not your life Cannot claim it to be your own And live for everyone Living by the archaic rules Obsolete and delusional Perceived reality is a chimera … Continue reading Day you Realize

Differences and Consequences

Perennially haunted by the general views Evolved dreams from the negatives of life Differences are all the same with different hues It’s discreet, but the gaps continuously widen Interweaving the prejudices into a fine mesh Within the fixed structures of supremacy Gross judgmental errors widen the chasm Differentiating the differences with legitimacy Passive aggression is the way to feebly challenge Possibilities to weaken and erode … Continue reading Differences and Consequences