Leadership and Success

Exalted to the position of leadership out of compulsion and favoritism, rather than capabilities and character, always becomes a liability and cause of failure. A leader should be strong willed, an independent thinker, and intuitive enough to choose the right individuals, whom he can entrust with responsibilities. A leader should be visible to the people and also keep ears to the ground and address the … Continue reading Leadership and Success

To Fulfill the Void

When you have poured your thoughts Across the blank pages, with the hallowed ink You feel a sudden void within your heart Urging the soul to look for another journey Uncharted territories and the mind’s turbulence Will be enough to propel you further in the search It’s the wanderlust streak of the writer Journey after journey, wanting to explore more Beyond the horizons, celestial boundaries start … Continue reading To Fulfill the Void

Ecstasy of Thoughts

A thought injects the mind with chaos The voices cannot be silenced so easily You have no choice but to listen carefully Like the dancing euphoric words in waves It is psychoanalysis of original thoughts Never have anyone been introduced to The mind consciously juggles myriad ideas Each has their merit and dynamism A mind is in a state of upheaval in ecstasy Encouraging the … Continue reading Ecstasy of Thoughts

Away from the Light

When the Sun becomes blinding And the dawn is never welcomed Error after error, the indelible impact Scars from the onslaught of ignorance Soul’s door closed shut to the Light Wakefulness turns into weaknesses Choices are aplenty but wrong ones Clouds of doubt looming over the psyche Souls are segregated and discriminated Distraught, in compartmentalized confines Unseen chains and the silent atrocities In a stupor, … Continue reading Away from the Light

Time for Contemplation

Being alone is a time for contemplation To gather the thoughts and settle them Select them on merit and analyze at depth Talking becomes a distraction for the soul Let the silence embrace you with calmness The thoughts will unfold themselves slowly Like the flower that blooms in morning light Open petals are consciousness in every direction Don’t fear spending time, in hours of solitude … Continue reading Time for Contemplation