In a Blink

The eyes, a mystical stare Sparkling with clarity Entire universe is captivated The eyes blinked elegantly Glimpse of a beauteous world Mesmerized heart skipped a beat Lost every equation with Time Life stood still in amazement The eyes, an enigmatic beauty One blink and the dream vanish© Continue reading In a Blink

Philosophy of Literature

Writing literature with strong messages, which has the potential to expose the weaknesses of prevalent ideologies will elicit a strong response(s) from that section which is comfortably settled in the prejudiced premises and does not wish to see beyond the delusional world. Any philosophy, in any era has and will be unsettling, if not comprehended with an open mind.  ~Amitav Continue reading Philosophy of Literature

Fascinating Night

Night illumines the mind Divine light arranged a rendezvous With a soul in deep meditation To blend into the night’s embrace Murmur of the water is like a chant This stillness brings the night closer A celestial world descends on Earth Tread on the pathways of immortality For it will carry your footprints You can track the origin of mystical beauty Adorned with an enigmatic … Continue reading Fascinating Night