The Slow Nature

The slow Nature Inspires to think, at leisure Learning the virtue of patience Everything is essential Not a particle is unnecessary It weaves a tale With so many characters Storyteller’s inspiration With fruitful conversations From Nature’s philosophy The unpredictability With the scene transforming Soul is awestruck  With the natural beauty Every facet worth exploring Steps of synchronicity Takes the traveler away Towards new adventures The … Continue reading The Slow Nature

From Poison Trees

Every seed of wrath Will germinate into a poison tree Bearing delicious looking fruits To lure away the unassuming souls Nurturing a garden of deceit Core of every fruit will continue the legacy Through the wily labyrinth The garden will entice you to surrender Outstretched branches to entrap you In the sensual play of serfdom An eerie world transformed with manipulations A soul lost in false … Continue reading From Poison Trees