The Idea of Reality and Life

We get convinced easily. When we are not in a position to view the entire spectrum of an idea or thought, that is being kept away from us deliberately, we take decisions based on the reality that is being projected to us. The entire dimension of any thought presented to us is impossible to view at such a short instance and we are always in … Continue reading The Idea of Reality and Life

Infinite Luminosity

The infinite luminosity of many Suns Divine brilliance transforms the worlds Unaware of the intensity of entire existence We do not eevn experience a glimmer of eternity A tiny speck of a world we celebrate We are dwarfed by the illusion of Time The sublime worlds are awake with consciousness Only a reality for few awakened minds and souls Who can experience the deathless reality … Continue reading Infinite Luminosity

In Contradiction

Living in contradiction of the times Alienation creates a solitary abode Past, present, and future- These are concepts that wither away Without the boundaries This retreat ushers eternal happiness Silence does not discriminate A language spoken by the intuitive minds That is invisible to mass consciousness It’s not a myth for a solitary traveler The invisible holds ultimate reality Nothing is repetitive here Away from … Continue reading In Contradiction