Poet’s Inspiration

The entire existence is a poet’s inspiration Even the universe cannot resist the temptation  Of being eulogized in the ultimate eloquent words Overflowing with the true feelings of a pure heart It is an infinite relationship with divine prescience© Continue reading Poet’s Inspiration

Benevolent Night

The night does justice to the stars and meteors Providing the perfect backdrop for them to illuminate Night sky becomes gorgeous with magical extravaganza Only the brightest souls shine eternally during the night Exuberance waits with patience for the daylights to wane Night becomes the time for entire cosmic celebration Every shining light of nature reflects a euphoric soul Night dwellers sacrifice sleep to join … Continue reading Benevolent Night

You and your Other Self

Life comes with challenges. The biggest challenge is to confront the alter-ego on a daily basis. When society wants you to be in multiple roles, depending upon the demands of social culture and transforming milieu, you have to come to an understanding to join hands with the alter-ego to try and live up to the roles. Doing justice to every role is a difficult option … Continue reading You and your Other Self