The Typewriter

Ryan was rummaging through some old manuscripts of his earlier writings and was astonished to see some of them have been written with an old Remington typewriter which was passed on for generations in this family. Going by the dates on the manuscripts, he realized he was just 12 years at that time.

The typewriter was bought by one of his ancestors and somehow it was passed on to his great grandfather and eventually handed over to Ryan’s father as a legacy. He felt nostalgic about the fine antique typewriter, a luxury and also the fastest means of writing in that era.

Images of his grandpa and father using such an old typewriter came rushing and his present world was taken over by series black and white narratives. He remembered his childhood days when he frequented his grandpa’s study cum library. He inherited the habit of reading and scribbling of some creative words from his grandpa.

Ryan usually scribbles on his laptop, tab, and sometimes on his mobile phone. No denying the fact that digital age has taken over and with the virtue of being connected to the world; it’s only become a habit to write down everything and save them in digital format. With the click of a button, a piece of writing can reach out to the global readers.

Transformation is a reality and as technology progresses and comes up with newer and improved devices, the world adopts them readily. The old Remington is an antique piece and a heirloom.

Although it is priceless and holds immense sentimental values, it sits quietly at one corner as it has been retired; even though there is some life left in the old bones.

Ryan wondered that the latest devices are technologically advanced and boast of some impressive configurations, their build quality, and overall lifespan has been curtailed.

Maybe, because technology these days have become so ubiquitous that people lose interest quickly. Some more new technology will flood the digital space and the trend will continue.

Ryan is yet to think about publishing, although he has a collection of good content and is quite well-known as a writer amongst his friends. He has been praised by the local press for one of his columns in their daily.

For quite some time, he has been toying with the idea of approaching publishers with his work but was not confident about it. He thinks writers have a responsibility to the readers to present them with words they will value or will find meaning and relate to the thoughts behind the writes; be it any genre.

Quality work will not lose relevance or value in the future and reading it every time can look at it from a fresh perspective.

Ryan wants to tap into the wisdom and experience of his ancestors whose works have been published and study them closely before he can think of getting published.

He believes, getting inspired is necessary but one should maintain one’s individuality in the writing and develop a unique style, which portrays the writer’s thoughts with authenticity and clarity.

He spends considerable time at his grandpa’s library, going through the variety of books. It was quite an enviable collection he had built up over a period of time. He was a voracious reader and a master storyteller.

Ryan remembers, every night after dinner he used to call all the children of the house to narrate some interesting stories. The children used to be enthralled, and probably Ryan’s mind was shaped listening to those stories. The creative bent of mind, thanks to those storytelling sessions.

Today, he somehow was once again attracted to see the typewriter. It was an urge that a writer has, and probably there was a reason behind it. He went to the study and took out the typewriter and placed t on the old mahogany table. He felt that the typewriter was trying to convey some message to him.

He often wondered whether, inanimate things have the potential to think or feel. What if the typewriter now feels neglected and obsolete?

Once it was the cynosure, and now, over the years have lost its relevance to fierce digital technology and lost its glory and faded into distant memory.

Ryan was now determined to get the typewriter serviced and start using it for his writing. He knew of an old shop which still catered to some vintage luxury.

He took it to the shop and the owner, a scrawny old man in his late eighty’s came to the counter. His face lit up, and he was delighted to see Ryan’s passion and interest in reviving the typewriter.

He started to talk animatedly and had quite a conversation with Ryan. He promised to service it with perfection and also prophesized that Ryan’s best work will be written, using this typewriter. He was a bit amused to hear this, but he did not brush it away either.

Ryan feels the typewriter is waiting to narrate an epic tale from yesteryear. Otherwise, he would not have taken a renewed interest in the forgotten typewriter.

He now got the typewriter in working condition and after servicing by the enthusiastic aficionado, it was typing fluently.

It has been six months now, and he has almost finished typing six hundred pages of a fiction which he never thought or imagined would come up with. The words just flowed and felt as if the typewriter was guiding him through the narration and to the final denouement.

When he was satisfied with the first draft he approached a well-known publisher and was utterly shocked when they showed interest in getting it published, and that too with very minimal edits. This was a dream come true for Ryan.

The publisher agreed to print fifty thousand copies for the first edition and looking at the readers response agreed to publish the second edition too. Ryan was living his dream, courtesy the old typewriter; his fiction had the panache of vintage style that never goes out of fashion in literature.

9 thoughts on “The Typewriter

  1. “..getting inspired is necessary but one should maintain one’s individuality in the writing and develop a unique style, which portrays the writer’s thoughts with authenticity and clarity.”
    That you! This is beautiful! 🙂

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  2. What a joy to read Amitav!

    There is such healing power in creative expression and if you have a photo of your beloved typewrite please do add an image to this post. Wonderfully penned, a truly captivating read throughout. Indeed, your vintage style will never go out of fashion! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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