On Spirituality 

If spirituality were understood by more people there would be enough reasons to seek purpose in even the smallest and routine work. Life itself has a spirit, when experienced, can guide an individual to contentment. Spirituality does not impose it’s ideologies on anyone, but a conscious approach towards life.



13 thoughts on “On Spirituality 

  1. Absolutely true and I’m glad you agree because I too have faced criticism adhere when I tell folks that I need not adhere to religious principles of a section of people to call myself spiritual. The spirit, the bedrock of spirituality, is free of human demarcations and boundaries. Who then are we to confine it within a religious ideology?

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    1. I am afraid, I have seen lot of unnecessary spin being given to this most profound thought, ideology, and the foundation of life. Mostly, they are borrowed perspectives only addressing the popular jargons attached to the idea. When it comes to following or comprehending it as a experience, they shy away. People believe what they see and will remain skeptical to an experience that is beyond physical.

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      1. If one is not convinced from within, it’s a futile effort to change anyone’s perspective of idea about life. So, one has to remain true to the self and continue in the honest path. Those who are convinced will join or else, its a solitary but satisfying journey. But I believe conscious minds will always find a way to communicate these ideologies.

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    1. Pradita, you brought up a valid thought here. Thank you. It is usually perceived that sitting in front of a flame and chanting mantras is spirituality. I have come across people who get irritated when spoken about spirituality or when its profound ideologies are discussed. The inertia of the mind and flawed thoughts are prevalent.

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  2. Very well said Amitav. For me spirituality does not mean necessarily sitting down and meditating, though I would love to develop that some day. Spirituality of thought, tone, deed in everyday life which guides me to a more evolved me ,by the end of my journey in life.

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    1. Thank you so much, Radhika. Very true, the notion of spirituality goes beyond any discourse(s). It is a way of life and realising the relationship with life. Being conscious, and as you mentioned ‘the deeds of every day life’ and compassion for every life leads to sacred experience.

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