Some Dreams

When the mind pauses to experience nothingness

Cradled in a dream moment

Everything vanishes from this part of reality

Without permission from worldly desires

Noises funnel down to a barely audible whisper

Taste of sleep brings along this prevailing calm

Muffled songs can be heard by the soul

This is a world echoing with prayers

Such grandeur around the world of nothingness

Hours are erased by eternity

Some dreams awaken another truth


3 thoughts on “Some Dreams

    1. Sharon, how have you been?

      Of late, I was penning down poetry which was reflecting the struggles and turmoil of the world that’s been around of late. Now, decided to pause and reflect on the positives and draw the propitious nature of existence, which can be the result of our prayer.

      Wishing you a wonderful weekend. 🙂

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      1. Oh well Amitav thank you for asking. Yes sometimes I just have to shut off the news, then I feel like I am being a “closed-minded” citizen and denying the truth of the world’s ugliness. But as you mention, we have to find the positives and truthfully we have many. 🙂

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