Ineffective Correspondence

Naive tutoring wishes to influence the words to propound slight ideas Only suitable to fill the hollow spaces created by egotist voices Misfortune, the language is stripped of its sincere robes Communication isn’t about being vociferous among acquaintances Reading out; when the intellectuals have relied on reading in When every publication becomes a drivel and reviews are unhealthy It is sinful victimising the true essence … Continue reading Ineffective Correspondence

Of City Thoughts

Impassive houses jostling for space, only for recognition Today, the drenched walls express city’s despair Shroud of glamour soaked in overflowing emotions A stoic evening exposes the insensibility Glassful of extravaganza insufficiently hides the woes Future promises are coloured with suspicion Emptied heart wishes for some truthful talk Ambitious instructions are cunning enough to mislead ~Amitav Continue reading Of City Thoughts