Forever is Hope

How comfortable is it holding your breath? When weary from inhaling the toxic emanations Fear of death does not fidget with the heart It’s a momentary pause before contemplations new Faith in nature for all its glorious offerings In times of extreme dryness and exhaustion Soul does dwell on the eternal nature  Prayers echo within to awaken a change Well prepared to face a transformation? … Continue reading Forever is Hope

Explanations not Enough

The inaccuracies exist in spite of all the fervent explanations Longingly, the convoluted lines tell similar stories to enwrap minds Efficiently improving upon lies; the ultimate investigative gaffes Voices behind the words are rarely accessible for a dialogue Frantic dreams of legitimising existence with audacious claims But leave it to posterity to reveal the truth from collection of deception The last word will trigger a … Continue reading Explanations not Enough