Forever is Hope

How comfortable is it holding your breath?

When weary from inhaling the toxic emanations

Fear of death does not fidget with the heart

It’s a momentary pause before contemplations new

Faith in nature for all its glorious offerings

In times of extreme dryness and exhaustion

Soul does dwell on the eternal nature 

Prayers echo within to awaken a change

Well prepared to face a transformation?

Earth owes its existence to the Universe

‘Tis the entrapments that are plenty

Nature survives through magical elements

Feel the air that visits with new aroma

Breathe in hope eternity’s charisma


12 thoughts on “Forever is Hope

  1. “Breathe in hope…” I absolutely love this thought Amitav! I will use this advice today as I sit down to annotate my medical notations for the Veteran’s hospital. Nothing major, just ailments from years of running and training. And I will breathe in hope the next time I’m in the great out doors and my knee and feet are aching. I will think of eternity and her charisma to keep moving forward. Lovely poem. 🙂

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    1. Sharon, you are so positive and look at life with so much hope; from leadership 2 mommyship, you are always inspiring. My best wishes for you, and yes, you have the charisma to guide people.
      Thank you so much for always encouraging me. ☺

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