With the Thoughts

If not the thoughts are left alone when alone in contemplation

Moving swiftly through them in an effort to create hundred other ways to escape

Urging the spirit to lose its way in the complicated labyrinth

Weighing each one of them of their merit and even leaving some of them aside, unattended

It is sinful to do so while seeking that transient happiness?

If not erring in the mind, choosing to spend less time with some of them

Born again every time, with each one of them providing some lesson

Why assail the thoughts within and look for compassion from deceitful urges?

Fill them with despair and painting them with colours artificial for display

With grace and understanding, it’s time to get across the purgation



3 thoughts on “With the Thoughts

    1. Thank you so much, Reema. Thoughts are the flowers which can make the mind a paradise. For them to bloom, we need to introspect and nurture them.

      Let me take this opportunity to say that I like your blog a lot. Gardening tips, introducing us to so many flowers. it is indeed a garden with many beautiful colours.

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